Sono le persone che ogni giorno si impegnano per fare dell'alta qualità il nostro punto di forza.


High quality is our strength, and high quality is only possible thanks to our team

Crediamo fortemente nel fare squadra ed investiamo quotidianamente nel nostro team

We are all part of this wonderful experience, and we proudly express this in our motto: I’m IMA

Fifteen experienced professionals on whom you can count during the entire purchasing process.

Andrea Ballabeni


Andrea has been the CEO of IMA since 2019. He was born in Ala in 1973 and has worked for the company since 2000.
At IMA, he took on various roles until the former owner noticed his outstanding selling skills and made him Head of Sales. Just a few years later, he became CEO of the company, becoming one of the protagonists of IMA’s generational change.

Christian Bruni

Sales Manager

Christian has been the Sales and Marketing Director of IMA since 2019. He was born in Zurich in 1972 and moved to Italy as a teenager. He has worked for the company since 1997, overseeing its business with German-speaking countries.
After working as a Senior Salesman for years, he took on the position of Sales and Marketing Director

Mara Barberi
Stefano Calliari
Logistics & IT
Roberta Marasca
Area acquisti
Marco Salvetti
Operatore carroponte
Luigi Pozza
Operatore linea calibratura
Manuel Zoara
Operatore lavorati
Angelo Bancaro
OOperatore lavorati
Walter Trainotti
Operatore carroponte
Stefano Aste
Operatore linea lucidatura e controllo qualità
Luigi Gasparini
Operatore lavorati
Marco Mellarini
Operatore carroponte